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Slide – Cookies

Family Oriented

Jeanette Elliott is a popular member of the Elliott Law Firm team.
She is more than the pleasant voice you hear when calling the office
or the friendly face you first see when arriving at the office…she is
the one who bakes fresh cookies. Jeanette prepares dozens of her
homemade cookies—from scratch—for closings on Friday, which is
typically our busiest day of the week. Some of her favorite cookie
recipes are dishpan, snicker doodle, oatmeal, lemon, and chocolate chip.

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Real Estate Closing Success Story

“A lot of things can happen to cause a real estate closing to fall through. But, I never worry that the closing attorney will be the cause of any problem when Shannon Elliott is handling the transaction. She and her staff are personable and easy to communicate with. When problems arise, they find ways to overcome them. I highly recommend them.”

J. Harper , real estate agent in Rankin County, MS

If a provision within a contract can be read multiple ways, which way is right?

The Mississippi Supreme Court has stated the following:

“Where the language of an otherwise enforceable contract is subject to more than one fair reading, the reading applied will be the one most favorable to the non-drafting party.” Facilities, Inc. v. Rogers-Usry Chevrolet, Inc., 908 So.2d 107, 111 (Miss. 2005).

“Ambiguities in a contract are to be construed against the party who drafted the contract.” Union Planters Bank, National Association v. Rogers, 912 So.2d 116, 120 (Miss. 2005).

Does Mississippi require warranties for new homes?

Miss. Code Ann. §83-58-7 requires builders to provide home buyers written notice of the requirements of the New Home Warranty Act at the time of closing. Failure to do so results in the extension of the warranties provided in the New Home Warranty Act. You can read the terms of the New Home Warranty Act by visiting the Mississippi State Board of Contractors website at

The subdivision we want to live in has covenants. What does that mean?

Covenants will set forth requirements, such as the minimum size of a house that can be built in a lot. The primary function of covenants is to provide uniformity amongst the lots/properties and help protect property values. Before signing a contract, read all applicable covenants and make sure nothing within them will cause you problems (ex: if you want to build a 1,500 sq. ft. house, you do not want to buy a lot that requires a 2,000 sq. ft. minimum home).

If you are selling property, it is a good practice to provide the Buyer with a copy of the covenants prior to signing the contract.