Real Estate Closings

Elliott Law Firm enjoys helping clients recognize their dream of purchasing a new home.

Elliott Law Firm has handled tens of thousands of real estate transactions, commonly referred to as “closings.”  Unlike cases that are litigated, a closing usually happens within a relatively short period of time following the signing of a contract. As you prepare for the closing day, we strive to make the experience as seamless as we can for you. 

In reality, we know preparing for a closing can be stressful. Not only can the closing possibly involve a buyer’s largest financial investment, it also can cause both buyers and sellers to feel rushed and pressed for time. Let’s be honest, there is a lot to do in that short period of time before and after closing day such as moving furniture, transferring utilities, enrolling children in new schools, finding a new church, learning your way around a new city, and the list could go on and on.  With all the stress that can arise when you are buying or selling your house, why add to it worrying about what to expect on closing day? You need to feel confident that your closing attorney can handle all the legal matters so you can focus on your personal matters.  Our team at Elliott Law Firm does just that. In the days leading up to the closing, a great deal of time and effort goes on “behind the scenes” as we work efficiently and effectively to communicate with all involved parties (i.e. buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lenders, taxing authorities, land records, homeowners associations, etc.)  When the closing day arrives, you can plan to spend between 30-60 minutes with one of our attorneys as they walk you through signing all the necessary paperwork to complete your transaction. 

In the end, it is always rewarding to see our clients smile and tell us how pleased they are that their transaction went so “smoothly.”  That’s our goal for each and every closing we handle.

Elliott Law Firm is an ALTA certified Closing Attorney in Brandon Mississippi

Elliott Law Firm is an ALTA certified Closing Attorney.
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